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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

37.439586, 33.164415

Fri. 17 May. [17 May 1907] Started off soon after 6 with Hassan and
Haidar and rode out by the Karaman [(Laranda)] path. About a
quarter of an hour from Madensheher there are the ruins of a house
and tank. We left the road here and went to the right under the foot of
the hill. In another 1/2 hour or so we came to large remains of a
village with one column of a church lying about. Lots of doorways with
the lintel above ground. It is a Yaila of the village of Dinek. We took a
man here as a guide and rode up a double pointed hill, an outlying
spur. The path pretty steep. A Yaila at the foot of the hill. In the nick[?]
there are ruins of 2 large buildings and on the peaks on either side a
ruined fort. That to the right has 3 bastions 2 round and one
octagonal. One of the round bastions was ocatagonal above the
base. There is a square tank and a lintel with mouldings and a dog
tooth. The peaks are part of the rim of a volcano. In the bottom of the
crater is a round tank. The castle on the opposite peak is much less
elaborate consisting of small chambers with a passage running along
them and another irregular chamber on the west of the passage.
Lunched on the nick[?] on the wall of the large square ruin. It began to
rain and subsequently hailed a little. So home very tired for some
reason or other. They call this fort Baskta. It is about 3 hours from
Madensheher. Slept a little and wrote letters. They had a lot of rain
here. It is cold.

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