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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

37.95532, 29.078087

Friday Ap 12 [12 April 1907] Got off at 8{.30} with Wiegand's kavass.
They said it was 1/2 an hour to the kaik but it proved to be 11/2 hours
over marshy ground. So we came to a spit of field where we sat down
and waited till 11 for the boat. Grey and stormy with a strong wind in
our teeth. It was the smallest and rockiest boat, however we piled in
with the luggage. An unfortunate Turkish boy who wanted to cross
with his dog had to remain behind. We were part[?] grounded which
prevented us from sinking at first. We pushed and punted off and got
out into deeper water. It was seldom deep which was as well as it
was at times very rough. We took 21/2 hours to get across. I was
heartily glad to arrive. A sharp shower fell as we got there. A letter
from Wiegand and two of his men. I ran up to the theatre and lunched
there under the gallery. The storm blew off and the sun came out;
lovely afternoon. The theatre most beautiful. The greater part of the
excavations under water but I saw the Buleuterion with the entrance to
the Roman gate into the church opposite - or was it the Roman gate? -
then the mosque, Seljuk and very lovely, then the baths. Then into the
little museum place where the Apollo and Muse statues were. I did
not see the 2 churches, perhaps they were under water. The
Delphinion were all covered with water. NB the Seljuk entrelac quite
different from the Egyptian, much freer and less formal with things like
big fleurs de lis in it. Soon after 4 got onto a horse and rode up to Ak
Keui [Akkˆy] where Wiegand's team is. Most charming place on top
of the hill. The theatre wonderfully lighted. The great waters of the
Maeander [B¸y¸k Menderes], the Priene hill with the chain of mts
behind it and to the N east Mt Lat [Besparmak Dagi]

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