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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Greece ยป Athens

37.9838096, 23.7275388

Monday Ap 1 [1 April 1907] Off the coast of Greece. The snow
extraordinarily low on the hills. Got to the Piraeus [Piraievs] at 12.30,
jumped into a boat and went up to Athens [Athinai] to the Omonia
station and so walked on to the museum which I reached a little
before 2 at which hour it opened. Looked long at the Mycaenean
treasure and then walked through the rest of the museum. The bronze
Hermes certainly looks rather poor now it is set up. A lot of Roman
sarcoph. which I had not time to look at properly. Then drove to the
Acropolis. Got out opposite the theatre of Dionysus and walked up
from there. The restorations at the Parthenon are at last complete
and I saw the west front of the temple for the first time and noticed how
lovely is the view of Salamis through the west door. A bright sun and
cold wind, the snow low on Pentelicus [Pendelikon] and the colour of
everything too beautiful. Mr Lascelles and his party came up before I
left and we looked together at the Erectheon which is swathed in
scaffolding. So down by the Temple of the Winds and the Stoa of
Hadrian. Bought some cheese and Helawi at the Piraeus and got
back to the boat at 5.30. Lots of people came on board amongst
others a nice judge and his wife and daughter from Cheshire.

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