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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Turkey ยป Olba

38.963745, 35.243322

Wed 3. [3 May 1905] Breakfasted at 6 and went down into the valley
N of the town to see the tombs. There is an immense necropolis but
the tombs are nearly all the same - an arch cut in the rock, the loculus
cut in the floor below with a stone lid - the usual heavy 4 bossed
sarcophagus lid. Some of the openings are square not arched and I
saw one or two remains of tombs half rock cut and half built. At 8 rode
with Mustafa to Ura which is the older Olba. We followed for 3/4 of an
hour the old paved road which goes down to Korgoz [Corycus]. The
town lies in a big open place between the rocks. There is a small
temple of which part of the cella remains, an interesting fountain, a
church much hidden in brushwood but I planned it (badly) and the
remains of a big acqueduct [sic] with towers on the hill above it.
Further north on the Mara [Kirobasi (Magara)] road, are rock cut
tombs, one with a bas relief, 4 figures, one seated on a couch, 2 on
one side and one on the other. So at 10 we rode off by a long winding
narrow valley, all rocks and brushwood. Passed 2 Yuruk camps -
there was just room for them among the rocks. At the top of the valley
is a fine spring but I think it is dry in summer. Down a sharp short
descent into a small plain at the other side of which we reached
Said's road, about one. About an hour brought us to Mara. There is a
fine spring just above the village. Very desolate country, all rocks
and sparse pines. The spring has scarcely begun here, the corn is
just coming up. Found the servants just arrived and we pitched camp
behind the village. They are all Xians here. Spent the afternoon
drawing out churches. They brought me handfuls of coins, but as at
Olba, all Byzantine trash. Excellent dinner except for the fasuleh
(beans) over which Fattuh shook his head and declared that they
must be 10 years old for they wd not boil. Sharp mountain air, most

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