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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Ramsay, W.M.
Hardegg, Julius Löytved-

37.8746429, 32.4931554

Tues 16. [16 May 1905] Up at 4 and off riding at 5 to Ivriz. Long 2
hours' plain then we came to hedges of hawthorn and a yellow
flowering shrub which led us up into the exquisite valley. The water is
crystal clear as it comes out of the mt side but it joins a muddy snow
stream below the village. Arrived at 8. The Hittite sculpture was still
half in shadow so I sat down under the walnuts and one brought me
breakfast - eggs and honey and milk bread and nuts. A wonderful
piece of symbolism - the god offering the fruits of the earth by the river
source. Walked up a bit into the stony valley - very splendid between
high cliffs. Then appeared Schreider and the 2 commis voyageurs - I
photographed and departed at 10. Got back at 1, very hot, and
lunched. Caught the train at 2.30. Slept most of the way to Aryk ÷ren
[Arikˆren] where Bakhus got into my carriage and we talked. They no
longer give corn and agricultural machinery on tick as they never got
their money or their kind back. But they sell the machines very cheap
and the corn, for ready money. The Loytveds were at the station and
came to dinner at the hotel. I found there Professor Ramsay and his
son whom I was very glad to meet.

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