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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Fri. 5. [5 May 1899] Greek St George's Day. Took our guide, Paruta
and drove into Stambul. Fountain of Ahmed III, Gate of the Sublime
Porte, one of the Cisterns, Kulkuk Aya Sophia, most interesting, like a
Ravenna church (the one with the mosaics of J. and Theodora) past
the Bayazid Mosque and the Burnt Tower, to St Maria Diaconessa,
which is all in ruins from the earthquake, the aqueduct runs close up
by, then to St Theodore Tyrone, a miserable place, near by is the
place where Constantine was murdered, his grave and his
murderer's, then to St Saviour Pantocrator, interesting place, 3
churches in one, and so over the old bridge, by a lovely fountain
home. After lunch, rode to the dancing Dervishes, then on to 7 towers,
all down the walls, the Armenians were making holiday by picnicking
among the Turkish grave stones, saw Kahriyeh Jami with many most
interesting 13th cent mosaics, very like Giotto. Down to Eyoub,
through a crowded quarter, then through woods where the
nightingales were singing and so to the Sweet Waters - crowded with
people, for it was the 1st day of summer. So up the hill and along the
Grande Pine home. An amusing German, who had been travelling in
the East, sat opposite us at dinner and told us his adventures.

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