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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Mon. 17. [17 September 1894] Left the Villa Edelweiss about 8 -
Mother drove, we 4 by tram. Affectionate parting with Frau Wildtl.
Molly and I walked up to the Triumph Pfoste and bought a strap[?]
and saw it .... Very comfortable start in reserved carriage, thanks to
Mother. Herr Wildtl and L'Amore saw us off, the latter much distressed
at parting from us. There was a good deal of mist which lifted
however about Vˆll and showed us the Frau H¸tt and all the rocks of
the Klamm and from Zirl we saw our dear Solstein clearly. Read
Esther Waters which I though excellent - so direct and simple - and La
Seconde Vie de Michel Teissier which interested me. Prosperous
journey - lunched in the train after the tunnel we read our diaries aloud;
got into mists which hid the view, tea at Z¸rich; Bale [Basel (Basle)]
9.14 where we met Papa who had come from Geneva [GÈneve].
Hotel Euler, supper, bed.

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