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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell written for Charles Doughty-Wylie

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Thurs 29. [29 January 1914] We got off today, with Harb's brother,
Awwad, as rafiq, and riding over the sandy hills we came presently to
'Audeh's big tent. He is away, raiding the Shammar, according to his
wont; but I stopped for half an hour, drank coffee and photographed
his tent and his womenkind - more particularly his very handsome
sister, 'Aliyah. We got news there that the Ruwalla were camping in
the W. Sirhan [Sirhan, Wadi]. It was nothing to me where they were
camping, but it meant a great deal to Awwad, for any man of the
Ruwalla whom we might encounter would cut his throat without a
moment's pause. Therefore our rafiq fell useless in our hands. We
went on our way discussing what to do and finally sent him off to
Muhammad's tents, which were near at hand (you remember the
formidable Muhammed of two day's ago?) to fetch a substitute. We
shortly after came into camp and were joined in an hour's time by
Muhammad himself, all smiles, and Awwad and others of the shaikhly
house. They have brought me a black and white lamb with whom I
have come into terms of such intimate friendship that I can scarcely
bear the thought of sacrificing it, yet I cannot well carry it with me like
Byron's goose. And they have brought me besides a beautiful ostrich
skin, black and white too, a full grown male, the price of which I must
insinuate delicately into their palms. Muhammad is all for my staying
with him tomorrow night, but I have visited shaikhs enough for the
present and I long for the road. God seems to have provided a rafiq
and I hope we shall continue on our way. The shaikhs dine with us

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