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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Friday March 13 [13 March 1914] We continued our extremely boring
way across the low sandhills of the Dehannah [Dahna, Ad]. Although
it is not called Nefud [Nafud, An] the flora is that of the Nefud and not
of the Hamad [Hamad, Al]. Lots of 'alga with their black flowers. We
passed a small jubb with a rijm over it and came down a slope called
al Rabdeh into the open sandy flats of the Dechach (Deqaa'). Here
we saw some flocks and were told by the herdsman that we were
going too much N. Finally we got out of the sand into the jalad of the
Hejarrah. Stock, mignonette, several kind of dandelions and many
other small unknown flowers. The ground was rolling here and
gathering into shallow wadis full of 'arfej. We saw some tents and
herds of the Abdeh (Ibn 'Ajel, who is khal of Abd al Aziz al Rashid)
and camped in the rising ground beyond. A boy came to us and
gave us news that the Amir had had a message from Ajemi ibn
Sa'dun asking him to help him in raiding the Mtair and the Duffir and
has gone off east to the burak of the derb Zubaideh and probably
further east. The men who camped with us were very likely being sent
to Hayyil [Hail] to gather forces for this raid. We marched 91/4 hours
today. A little rain last night and a few drops this morning but the
clouds luckily held up. It's still cloudy tonight.

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