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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper

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Sun. Ap. 2. [2 April 1911] At 5.30 Temp. 54 Bar 28.9. Off at 6.15 and
rode across a plain covered with corn to Daoud Gurga (wolf) at 8.45.
Soon after we began to get up into the hill, passed Suleiman
Bakhshyan (a little to the R) at 9.15 - it stands on a water course in
which there was a little water - and reached the ridge of the Karachok
[Qarachoq , Jabal] at a lowish point at 10.45. Dropped down very
abruptly into a plain partly cultivated and strewn with tents (Kurd and
Arab of the Jebur) and with small mud built villages. Of these the first
was Kurdigrao(12.35) 'Ubeid (or 'Ubud), the next Dusara 1.30, the next
Pungina 2, then {Bakitta} Golgamishah on a mound, ruined and
deserted. We camped near some tents (Kurdish) at 3.15 not far from
the village of Bakird which lay to the NW of us. Delightful camp.
Small blue irises and water in the ghadir near us. The villages live on
wells during the summer and the inhabitants remain here all the year.
My old guide Ahmet is a Derwish. He has no profession and lives by
odd jobs, guiding people etc. He lives in the Tekke at Altun Keupru
[Altin Kˆpr¸ (Pirde)]. He has a wife and 2 children, young. How they
live is not stated. When I came he had no money, but God sent me.
When he goes to Baghdad or Mosul [Mawsil, Al] he lodges in the
Tekkes. When he started out in the morning he repeated the
profession of faith to himself many hundred times. Hot today 68 at
4.30 PM.

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