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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Ramsay, W.M.

38.963745, 35.243322

Sat June 8. [8 June 1907] Great packing up. Said Wali brought down
8 camels from DailÈ so we took none from Madensheher. They
came down last night and made a horrid noise. After breakfast Sir W
[William Ramsay] went off with Abdullah to see an inscription and I
took Haidar and rode up onto Yaz Tepi, but there was nothing there
but a few little ruined houses. Accordingly I siezed the opportunity of
getting the church on the hill 3/4 to DailÈ which I found to be a large
niched church. There was a small much ruined chapel a little to the
east of it and to the NW and SW a complex of buildings all completely
ruined with crosses on the lintels. By the time I had finished the church
the camels appeared with Louis and Lady R on donkeys and I rode
on to look for a camping ground. Fortunately Fattuh appeared in a
few moments and we chose a delightful place outside the village
overlooking the whole plain. Our 3 tents were put up at once and I
retired into mine and drew out my church. Very windy. We lunched in
Lady R's tent and I slept for 2 hours. Then wrote letters and about 4
Sir W appeared with 3 Hittite inscriptions. So we had a very cheerful
tea and then the excellent Fattuh turned my tent round because I had
had it put up badly. Many changes here. 3 is inhabited and the upper
row of columns has fallen down. 7 is also inhabited by Said Wali. I
walked round with him before dinner and saw several new

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