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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Ramsay, W.M.

37.439586, 33.164415

Tues May 28 [28 May 1907] I worked all morning at 21 getting there at
6. As we uncovered I drew and measured. The walls in the aisles are
we think rude nomad houses built in after the town had been deserted
and ruined. They are at any rate of no architectural interest. The
original church was very good, the mouldings and decorations fine
and distinct, on[?] the caps. It may have been repaired in Xian times
for there is what looks like an added buttress with the spring of a vault
inside the first bay from the apse. R [Ramsay] came down and sat
there writing while I measured. When we got nearly to the end he took
some of the workmen and went up to the W town. Two of the
Americans came down and it being near 12 we strolled up to the tents
together going by the mausoleum. At lunch R announced that he
thought the upper was the ancient city. I went back to 21 directly after
lunch and worked an hour and a half at the apse. We got a stone
bench with a raised seat in the middle - the stone of this was
displaced but we found and replaced it. The apse had been floored
with some sort of tile. Having photographed this I went to the W town
and found R working on 15 with Wrench and Olmstead. Lady R was
superintending the digging out of a small chapel above, not marked
by Smirnow - 22 we will call it. Went up to draw the outside and stayed
till near tea when I returned to R seeing the small stone lion on the
way. This one has a Greek inscription, we must therefore put it and
the other down as Lycaonian. The Americans found below the W
town flint knives, and scraps of pottery. Most of these last were Byzan.
but a few pieces were much older and resemble Mycenaean ware to
which period of civilization they may well belong. All my household
arrangements have gone splendidly under the strain of so many
guests, the meals have been excellent and Costa seems to be
settling down. Yanko is doing very well.

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