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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Cumberbatch, Henry Alfred

38.423734, 27.142826

Sat 6. [6 April 1907] Off at 7 with 6 zaptiehs, a Bashibazouk and a
kavass, Hassan. Rode east then turned S up the Karabel valley.
Very rough bridle path with fragments of the old paved pack road
very delicious; anemones everywhere and the asphodel just coming
into bud. At 8.30 reached a spring and a few hundred yards further up
dismounted and climbed up the hill to the left where we found the
Sesostris. Much weather worn. He holds his bow in his right hand
over his shoulder and his spear in his left. Wears a tall pointed hat
and pointed upturned shoes. Greek tourists have scrawled their
names over him. He is set in a niche and looks up the valley. The
second figure was I think never finished. It is cut on a block of stone
near the stream on the left bank, between the stream and the path, a
hundred yards or so above the cheshmek[?]. Only the feet and thighs
are visible and the pointed shoes. A large bit had recently been
hacked off the left thigh so that it is nearly flat with the rock. Opposite
on the other bank of the stream the rock is shaved away to make
room for the path - doubtless this is a bit of the old road to Sardis.
Back at 11 and off at 12. Much better travelling now that we knew the
road. Very hot with a scirocco blowing and the mts all veiled in haze.
Lunched at Kavakli Dere under the cypresses - we got there about 2
and left at 3. Home at 4.15. Washed shopped, packed and to bed.
Slept 11 hours! Mr C [Cumberbatch] says the Whittalls do most of the
export trade but there is now a considerable competion [sic] with
them. No Germans however. They buy in the Smyrna [Izmir] market,
have no property of their own. The Germans confine themselves to
the import trade.

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