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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Baring, Evelyn

39.8653, 42.8697

Tues Ap 23 [23 April 1907] Grey and soon began to rain heavily. We
were off at 6.30 in streaming rain. It left off after an hour but began
again about the chiflik and rained hard till we got in at 12.30. In the
Maeander [B¸y¸k Menderes] mud we saw a camel with only his
hump and neck sticking out and a poor old woman standing
helplessly by him. We could do nothing. Changed and lunched in my
carriage and off at 2 or thereabouts to Gonjeli which we reached at
4.20. A few moments after Mr Barfield and his daughters, Spencer
Wilkinson and others arrived. We went off to the ruins of Laodicea, a
stadium, very perfect, gymnasia or baths, 2 theatres very large.
Above one of them big stones with holes drilled in them apparently for
the awnings over the theatre. Very grey and cold. So back and all
dined together, very pleasant. Mr Barfield hopes one day to carry his
line beyond Egerdir [Egridir]. Most of the trade from Yalovach
[YalvaÁ] and Karagatli[?] goes to the Austrian[?] which has agents
there to book[?] the stuff through by waggon loads at very cheap
rates to C'ple [Istanbul (Constantinople)]. He hopes to recover some
of it by the new extension. Heard of Lord Cromer's resignation.

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