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Diary entry by Gertrude Bell

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Bell, Gertrude Margaret Lowthian
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1 entry, paper
Turkey ยป Milas

37.311638, 27.780795

Tues 16 Ap. [16 April 1907] Rain and wind prevented my going to
Budrum [Bodrum (Halicarnassus)] but it cleared about 9 and I packed
my things into a kaik and went off to Iassus hoping from there to be
able to go on. We got across in 1/2 an hour - very romantic landing
below the rock in the old port guarded by a Byz. tower. There was no
one to forbid our invasion. The whole peninsula covered with grass
and flowers and great fennel plants in full yellow flower. Scrub
prevents one from making out much of the ruins. The acropolis walls
crown the rock, as Texier says they do shine whitish from far away, the
flat ground on the further side covered with indistinguishable ruin. The
acropolis seems to be Byz. but I saw an earlier wall going down
towards the sea of fine masonry. The theatre has been removed
entirely - to Stambul said Mustapha, the Whittalls sailor who was with
me. The island is now joined to the land and on this low ground are
masses of buildings - to the right on the hillside the necropolis - like a
small city - with a few Yuruk huts scattered through it. Went on up to
the great outer wall which is built of big blocks in this fashion [sketch]
not always regular. A door in the sets back and a door mostly in the
round bastion and small windows there very narrow outside. The
doors in the bastions face the same way as the doors in the sets
back. The bastions face towards the sea. Walked up to the corner
where the wall turns at a right angle. In the top wall there are shortly
after the corner 3 small window slits and a great gate of this plan
[sketch]. All very curious and mysterious. At the far side of the
isthmus a tall ruin which Mustafa said was a gate - I did not go there
which I regret. Back to the kaik where I lunched but it was too windy to
go on to Budrum so I returned sadly to Kuluk sat on the balcony in the
sun and read Mr Ballard's novels of which there were plenty.

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