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Explore the Gertrude Bell archive through a selection of key figures from the period. For a more comprehensive list of named individuals, please see below.

Gertrude Bell with Winston Churchill in front of a pyramid

Served two terms as British Prime Minister, and was Secretary of State for Air and War and Colonial Secretary during WW1.

Sir Percy Zachariah Cox

Chief political officer of the Indian Expeditionary Force during WW1 and later British High Commissioner to Iraq.

Feisal bin al-Hussein

First King of Iraq who also participated in the 1916 Arab revolt during WW1, son of the Grand Emir of the Hejaz.

Abdulaziz ibn Saud

Tribal and political leader who founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and became it's first monarch.

Walter Andrae

Archaeologist and architect who participated in Robert Koldewey's dig at Babylon, Iraq (1904-1914).

Mark Sykes

Traveller, politician and diplomatic advisor who co-created the Sykes-Picot agreement (1916).

Sir Arnold Talbot

Soldier, explorer, author and politican who served as Deputy and acting Civil Commissioner in Baghdad (1915-1924).

Sir Charles Leonard Woolley

Archaeologist who is well known for his work at ancient sites in Syria, Iraq and Sudan.

Thomas Edward Lawrence

Archaeologist, army officer, diplomat and writer, popularly known as 'Lawrence of Arabia'.

Full list of names

Hedley, Sir Walter Coote, 1865-1937, Knight, Colonel, British army officer and
Henley, Anthony Morton, 1873-1925, Captain, British army officer and civil
Herbert, Aubrey Nigel Henry Molyneux, 1880-1923, Colonel, British soldier,
Herzfeld, Ernst Emil, 1879-1948, archaeologist and Iranologist
Hogarth, David George [D.G.], 1862-1927, archaeologist, scholar and acting
Hussein, Abdullah bin al-, 1882-1951, King of Transjordan and son of Hussein
Hussein, Ali bin al-, 1879-1935, King of Hejaz and Grand Sharif of Mecca
Hussein, Feisal [Faisal] bin al-, 1885-1933, King of Iraq and son of Hussein
Hussein, Feisal [Faisal] bin al-, 1885-1933, King of Iraq and son of Hussein
Joyce, Pierce Charles [P.C.], 1878-1965, Lieutenant Colonel, British Army
Kenyon, Sir Frederic George [G.], 1863-1952, Knight, palaeographer and
Koldewey, Robert Johann, 1855-1925, archaeologist
Langdon, Stephen Herbert, 1876-1937, assyriologist
Langdon, Stephen Herbert, 1876-1937, assyriologist, 1876-1937, assyriologist
Lascelles, Gerald Claud, 1869-1919, son of Sir Frank Cavendish Lascelles
Lascelles, Mary Emma [née Olliffe], 1845-1897, wife of Sir Frank Cavendish
Lascelles, Sir Frank Cavendish, 1841-1920, Knight, British diplomat
Lascelles, William [Billy] Frank, 1863-1913, Major, soldier and son of Sir
Lawley, Sir Arthur, 1860-1932, 6th Baron Wenlock, Knight, British colonial
Lawrence, Thomas Edward [T.E.], 1888-1935, Colonel, soldier, author and
Legrain, Léon, 1878-1963, clergyman, archaeologist, and professor of Assyriology
Littmann, Ludwig Richard Enno, 1875-1958, orientalist
Loraine, Sir Percy Lyham, 1880-1961, 12th Baronet, Knight, British diplomat and
Lowther, Mary Frances [née Beresford-Hope], 1854-1944, wife of 1st Viscount
Lowther, Sir Gerard Augustus, 1858-1916, 1st Baronet, British diplomat