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D_261 - Istanbul (Constantinople)
Edirnekapi Mihrimah Sultan Camii
Date: May 1905
D_262 - Istanbul (Constantinople)
South wall of Tekfur Saray
Date: May 1905
D_263 - Istanbul (Constantinople)
[Church of St. Mary Pammakaristos (Fetiyeh Camii) Exterior view showing minaret]
Date: May 1905
D_264 - Istanbul (Constantinople)
Fethiyeh [Church of St. Mary Pammakaristos (Fetiyeh Camii) - exterior view]
Date: May 1905
D_265 - Istanbul (Constantinople)
Kahriyah - Chora [Church of St. Saviour in Chora (Kariye Camii) - exterior from W, people, and horse and carriage outside]
Date: May 1905
D_266 - Istanbul (Constantinople)
St Saviour Pantepoptes[Church of St. Saviour Pantepoptes (Eski Imaret Camii) Exterior]
Date: May 1905

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