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Syria, Turkey
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C_001 -
NE Church [Carved decorated lintel]
Date: March 1905
C_002 -
[Rock cut tomb - arched niche above entrance with carving in arch of recumbent figure with outspread eagle over his head]
Date: April 1905
C_003 -
Katura [Rock cut tomb - with series of carved figures in niches]
Date: April 1905
C_004 -
Katura [Funerary monument, bicolumniar tomb of Aemilius Regulus with arched entrance]
Date: April 1905
C_005 -
[Church from N, doorway, arched windows and running mouldings]
Date: April 1905
C_006 -
Surkanya [Church - interior showing apse]
Date: April 1905
C_007 -
[Ruined house with polygonal masonry, Musa and another man standing outside]
Date: April 1905
C_008 -
Khirbet esh Shems [Basilica, general view of exterior from SW]
Date: April 1905
C_009 -
[Carving inside rock cut tomb of figures with upraised arms]
Date: April 1905
C_010 -
[Chapel from NE, exterior showing apse and stone dome. Musa and another man in foreground]
Date: April 1905
C_011 -
[Temple Church - W doorway (re-used) with high relieving arch, exterior view. Musa standing in doorway]
Date: April 1905
C_012 -
Kulote [Temple Church - W doorway (re-used) with high relieving arch, interior view]
Date: April 1905
C_013 -
[Temple Church - Upper church. Engaged Corinthian capital and fluted column]
Date: April 1905
C_014 -
[Temple Church - S facade, general view showing doorways and arched windows]
Date: April 1905
C_015 -
[E Church - apse interior, engaged columns and capitals]
Date: April 1905
C_016 - old: Gertrude Bell's: Kulote
Kulote S church [ E Church - view from S, Musa standing beside doorway with carved lintel and jambs]
Date: April 1905
C_017 -
[House with stone porticoes. Musa standing in foreground]
Date: April 1905
C_018 -
N church [N Church - view from S, showing doorway with running moulding in S wall. Musa seated by doorway]
Date: April 1905
C_019 -
[Canopied funerary monument on podium - View from SW]
Date: April 1905
C_020 -
[N church, general view from SW showing doorway, arches, and running moulding round top windows]
Date: April 1905

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