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Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, West Bank, Syria, Jordan, Israel
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A_400 -
Natural bridge
Date: June 1900
A_401 -
The Jisr el Hajar [Natural bridge across water]
Date: June 1900
A_402 -
The Jisr el Hajar [Natural bridge]
Date: June 1900
A_403 -
Spring of Adonis - Afka [General view of waterfall of River Adonis springing out of cave]
Date: June 1900
A_404 -
Afka - Spring of Adonis, ruins of the Temple of Venus [Gertrude Bell's camp beside waterfall of River Adonis springing from cave]
A_405 -
Spring of Adonis and ruins of the Temple Of Venus [Waterfall of River Adonis springing from cave. Horses and men at Gertrude Bell's camp in foreground]
Date: June 1900
A_406 - Beyrouth (Beirut)
Beyrout [Boats in small natural harbour]
Date: June 1900
A_407 - Beyrouth (Beirut)
Beyrout [Boats in harbour]
Date: June 1900
A_408 -
Reifun - View looking towards Beyrout
Date: June 1900
A_409 -
[General view of valley from above]
Date: June 1900
A_410 -
Ploughing the mulberry orchards, Reifun [Man and ox plough]
Date: June 1900
A_411 -
Hannah and my horse - Reifun [Gertrude Bell's manservant Hannah holding horse]
Date: June 1900
A_412 -
Yacoub [In front of house]
Date: June 1900
A_413 -
Hasrun and the Wady Kadisha [General view of village and mountains]
Date: June 1900
A_414 - Bcharre
B'sherreh [View of village and mountains]
Date: June 1900
A_415 - Petra
Valley of Petra from the Deir [General view of valley showing rock cut tombs in distance]
Date: March 1900
A_416 - Petra
The Bab es Sik [Gate of the gorge - entrance to gorge showing rock cut tombs]
Date: March 1900
A_417 - Petra
The Kasr [Qasr el Bint Far'oun 'The Palace of the Pharoah's Daughter' - Nabataean temple, view from east showing carving on exterior pilaster]
Date: March 1900
A_418 - Petra
The Triumphal arch [Arched gate at end of Colonnaded street giving access to temenos of Qasr Bint Far'oun Temple]
Date: March 1900
A_419 - Petra
Tombs at the SE [Rock cut tombs at the southern part of the valley, men and horses in foreground]
Date: March 1900

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