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Italy, Turkey, Lebanon, West Bank, Syria, Jordan, Israel
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A_121 - Jericho
Soldiers on the Jericho road
Date: January 1900
A_122 - Jericho
On the Jericho road - Dr. Rosen and Charlotte Roche [Dr. Fritz Rosen (German Consul in Jerusalem) and Charlotte Roche on horseback]
Date: January 1900
A_123 - Jericho
Jericho [Arab Village and villagers]
Date: January 1900
A_124 - Jericho
Jericho [Arab village and villagers]
Date: January 1900
A_125 - Jericho
[Arab villagers - woman and children]
Date: January 1900
A_126 - Jericho
Jericho [Arab villagers - men seated by cacti]
Date: January 1900
A_127 - Jericho
[Arab village and villagers]
Date: January 1900
A_128 - Jericho
[Arab village - dwelling]
Date: January 1900
A_129 -
The Keeper of the Bridge [Man standing on Jordan Bridge]
Date: January 1900
A_130 -
The Dead Sea - Dr Rosen, Oskar and Georg [Dr. Fritz. Rosen (German Consul in Jerusalem) and his children at the waters edge]
Date: January 1900
A_131 -
The Dead Sea - Oskar and Georg [The Rosen boys - sons of Dr. Fritz. Rosen (German Consul in Jerusalem)]
Date: January 1900
A_132 -
Jordan Bridge [with Arabs and mules crossing]
Date: January 1900
A_133 -
Jordan Bridge [Men and horses crossing]
Date: January 1900
A_134 -
The bathing place - Jordan [Boating with the Rosen family]
Date: January 1900
A_135 -
The Ghor - charcoal burners from Salt [Men and mules crossing the Ghor]
Date: January 1900
A_136 -
Slime pits near Jordan [General view near River Jordan]
Date: January 1900
A_137 -
The Dead Sea [The Rosen's on horseback at the waters edge. (Dr. Fritz. Rosen German Consul in Jerusalem)]
Date: January 1900
A_138 -
Near Jordan Bridge [General view]
Date: January 1900
A_139 -
The bathing place [River Jordan, Arabs on far bank]
Date: January 1900
A_140 - Abu Ghosh
Crusader Church [General view of exterior of Church of the Resurrection, built over a Roman pool. Abu Ghosh named after family who settled in area in 16th C and imposed toll on travellers to Jerusalem]
Date: March 1900

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