Album Y 1913-1914 - Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq

Date taken: February 1914
Photographer: Gertrude Bell
Location: Kilweh - Saudi Arabia
Modern location:
Size: 11.3/17.3
Condition: Good
Subject date:
Description: Kilweh [Detail of stone building showing brickwork and window. [The following quote probably applies to the image, but as no definite identification is made by Gertrude Bell, it cannot be attributed with full certainty] "A sort of a little khan on a khabra which had been walled round so as to form a birkey - I make no doubt that it was a menzil on the road from Ba'ir to Taimah. There was a Cufic inscription, dated, but alas I could not make it out with certainty. Anyhow there it is, the only ruin in these parts, good squared stones and mortar brought from far, and I have got it all down in my notebooks."]

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