Album X 1913-1914 - Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq

Date taken: April 1914
Photographer: Gertrude Bell
Location: Helgum - Syria
Modern location:
Size: 20/13
Condition: Good
Subject date:
Description: Helgum [View over ruins. "It was a town - imagine! A town in the heart of the Syrian Desert. But a town of a very primitive kind. It lay up on top of the cliff, on a kind of peninsular formed by the winding Wadi Helgum and the only road to it from the upper level was a narrow neck which was fortified by a towered wall. Again all most primitive and terribly ruined, but there it was, a wall and towers guarding the approach to an irregular area which must be a good half mile squared and is completely covered with shapeless ruin heaps....I planned and photographed the gate wall."]

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