Album RTW Volume 5 1903 - Korea, Japan, Canada

Date taken: May 1903
Photographer: Gertrude Bell
Location: Chemulpo - Korea
Modern location: Inch'on - South Korea
Size: 11.3/8.5
Condition: Good
Subject date:
Description: Chemulpo [Korean man in street. Mountains in background. "They wear the most absurd costume ever invented by man. They dress in long white cotton coats, which it takes all the labour of their many womenkind to keep clean, white trousers, white and shapeless socks and straw shoes - no protection at all, you observe against any kind of weather. There [sic] hats are similarly contrived to offer the greatest amount of trouble and the least possible service. They are top hats with a wide brim, transparent, made of black....very expensive, very fragile and so small in the crown that they poise on the top of the skull and have to be fastened by strings under the chin."]

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