Album: M - 1921 - Halabja - Iraq

Date taken: 11 01/11/21

Photographer: Gertrude Bell

Location: Halabja - Iraq

Modern location: Halabja - Iraq

Size: 10.5/16

Condition: Good

Description: Adlah Khanum [?Adlah Khanum, seated, with man - possibly Ahmen Beg, Qaimmaqam - standing beside. ?The feature of Halbja is ?Adlah Khanum the great Jaf Beg Zadah lady, mother of Ahmed Beg. She is the widow of Osman Pasha, sometime dead, and continues to rule the Jaf, as much as she can and intrigue more than you would think anyone could, and generally behave as great Kurdish ladies do behave.?]

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