Fri 13. [13 April 1900] Went down to Christ Church at 11 and found the service not nearly over, so I went in and waited. Then Mrs Dickson, Mr Dunn, Baby, Mr Green and I set out to Gethsemane to see the Nebi Musa [Nabi Musa] pilgrims. (I saw Mrs Th. Bent outside the church, she has only been to Mashetta [Qasr el Mushatta] and Bozrah [Busr'a ash Sham].) Baby Mr Dunn and I ran on down the Via Dolorosa. Heaps of people and the walls and top of St Stephen's gate lined with them, very pretty. We established ourselves on the wall of the Greek Gethsemane where we found the Hesses, Rosens and Kr‰mer, Mme Yacovlew came later. We had a most pleasant picnic. The Pasha was a little higher up the road waiting to say goodbye to the pilgrims. The procession was rather mangy. It consisted of scattered groups of people with flags, some dancing like maniacs, these were from the various villages, then some ragged soldiers, then the holy green flag from the Haram preceeded by 4 green and yellow flags all carried by men on seedy horses. I went up to the Bab Sitti Mariam taking Mr Dunn and photographed. On the way back I was nearly ........ by a hadji with skewers in his cheeks whom I tried photograph. After it was over the Rs [Rosens] and I went to see the old Consulate which is a wonderful house, but now all decayed, and the German Hospiz. Came home to find a Jewish wedding going on which Mr Dunn and I attended. After dinner, Nina and I came in to see the Passover, a long meal with longer prayers. I stayed on after she went and talked religion to Mr D.

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